Educational help to underprivileged schools
Educational help to underprivileged schools Our initiative is to provide educational resources & school supplies to make education more accessible and less challenging for the underprivileged schools and students from remote sections of the society
An eco-science club for kids
An eco-science club for kids An endeavour to build an environmentally concious community. Plenty of teaching resources and lesson plans on how to conserve our natural resources and protect our environment for kids, teachers and parents.
A one stop shop for all school supplies
A one stop shop for all school supplies We bring together innovative, fun and creative Educational, Classroom & Teacher's resources for schools. We have everything little learners need for their academic and beyond academic needs.
Sponsor Desk & Chair For Teachers
Sponsor Desk & Chair for Teachers "Proper classroom furniture-key to effective learning" Teachers and learners spend more than six hours seated each school day. In addition teachers have to prepare lessons, assesments, grade work and often sit long hours after class has finished. Providing Desks and chairs to Daffodill English School, village Diksal, Maharashtra will create an effective & high perfomance learning environment.
Goal: 80,000/-
Let Children Play - Sponsor A Playground
Let Children Play - Sponsor a Playground "Play is the only way the highest intelligence of mankind can unfold" Therefore, school playgrounds are vitally important for the students good health and well-being. By sponsoring play equipments to Daffodill English School, village Diksal, Maharashtra will not only bring infinite joy to students but will also ensure social, emotional, cognitive and physical well being of them.
Goal: 150,000/-
Let Children Read - Sponsor A Book Library
Let Children Read - Sponsor a Book Library "Books are the rays of light peeking out from the door frames and perhaps past that door is another world" Students at Daffodill English School, Village Diksal, Maharshtra are deprived of the pleasures of reading a book. Providing books for the library will open a whole new world of knowledge. It will usher in imaginations. ideas, creativity and endless possibilities.
Goal: 50,000/-
Sponsor Fun To Learn English Curriculum
Sponsor Fun to learn English curriculum Students at Dr.B.R.Ambedkar school come from remote areas of Rural Maharashtra. Access to english language is difficult which hinders their growth. Students will be taught English in an easy to understand & fun to learn ways. Learning English will ready these children to match the pace of the world and grow into confident individuals who are not afraid to grab new opportunities.
Goal: 160,000/-
Sponsor School Uniforms For Class 1 - 10th
Sponsor School Uniforms for class 1 - 10th The situation at Dr.B.R.Ambedkar school, Shirole needs immediate attention. Students come from rural areas of Maharshtra and do not own a pair of uniform. School is unable to provide modest uniforms. Providing school uniforms will help girls with respectable attire and basic human dignity. It will bring a sense of belonging and unity amongst students.
Goal: 150,000/-
Sponsor Text Books To Students Of Class 5-10th
Sponsor text books to students of class 5-10th Education is a not a privilege but a basic right of each child. We are reaching out to rural schools who need educational supplies for underprivileged students. Dr.B.R.Ambedkar school, shirole, Maharashtra needs School textbooks (Marathi Medium, Maharashtra board) for class 5 - 10th. It will help them prepare better for the examinations.
Goal: 35,000/-
White Boards For Classrooms-Mr. Ashok Parekh
WHITE BOARDS FOR CLASSROOMS "Teachers who love teaching, teach the children to love learning". Teaching was hampered due to dilapidated conditions of the balckboards at Dr. B.R. Ambedkar School, village Shirole, Maharshtra. Lions Club of Juhuís timely help of 10 whileboards has elevated the spirit of teaching amongst the teachers.
Mr. Ashok Parekh
Lions Club Of Juhu
Notebooks Distribution Drive-Sharmila Thanki
NOTEBOOKS DISTRIBUTION DRIVE "One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world" - Malala Yousafzai Words ring so true when we see the joy and hope in the eyes of the students who recieved notebooks sent by the well wihers who are always ready to help whole heartedly.
Sharmila Thanki
Outdoor Sports Equipments-Merul Dahia
OUTDOOR SPORTS EQUIPMENTS "Play is our brain's favorite way of learning" - Diane Ackerman. Play is important for healthy brain development and physical fitness. Outdoor sports equipments gifted to Daffodill school, Karjat, Maharshtra has brought lot joy amongst children. The gifts were sent by,
Merul Dahia


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